About Us

General Information:

The Water District was formed on November 6, 1986 by the voters located within the service area of the Spokane Suburban Water Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the General Waterworks Corporation (GWC) of Philadelphia, PA.  On August 1, 1988 the District acquired, from GWC, the water supply, distribution and miscellaneous facilities including an Operating Headquarters all located in various parts of Suburban Spokane County.

The period between November 1986 and August 1988 was spent negotiating a reasonable settlement with GWC.  The initial offer by the District was $6,000,000: GWC counter offered $14,400,000.  Because the differential remained substantial, the District began preparing for eminent domain action.  This action required contracting with a consulting engineering firm, legal counsel and financial advisor-underwriter.  By the Spring of 1988 the negotiations had reached an impasse with the District offering $7,400,000 countered by GWC’s $10,400,000.  The District filed condemnation procedure against GWC.  In May 1988 your commissioners met with officers of GWC and agreed on a purchase price of $7,600,000 for the system plus $300,000 for buildings, equipment and inventory.  The outstanding purchase price has been paid in full.


Spokane County Water District #3 is not affiliated with the actual Spokane County entity the District is made up of 8 distinct water systems located in Spokane Valley, the Manito Golf Course area south of Spokane, the Linwood area north of Spokane, the Mead area, the Chattaroy area and Nine Mile area.  These 8 systems include approximately 22 wells, 10 reservoirs, 11 booster pump stations, and over 160 miles of water mains which provide over two billion four hundred million (2,400,000,000) gallons of water annually to over 9000 homes and businesses throughout Spokane County.

Governing Body:

The governing body of the District is composed of three commissioners elected by the customers of the District.  The commissioners are elected on odd numbered years, to staggered six year terms of office.  Any customer who lives in the District is eligible to be a candidate.  The commissioners hire a general manager who’s responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operation of the District and to make sure the district adheres to requirements established by Washington State Law.  The responsibility of the Board of Commissioners is to establish policy, approve contracts and general operations of the District for the good of the customers as a whole.


With over 30 years of operating the water system behind us, we are now better able to examine existing water rates and determine if changes need to be made.  The District continues to provide excellent water services at the most affordable rates to sustain operations.  Every effort is made to assure a clean aquifer while supplying safe potable water.  The Board of Commissioners meet every Wednesday at 9:00 AM at the Water District Office.  All meetings are open and anyone is welcome to attend.